Produced by Senbha Creations CHINNANJIRU KILIYE is a drama film written and directed by Sabarinathan Muthupandian. The film is touted to have won 24 international film awards.

The film is an attempt to establish the amazing benefits of natural medicine and the ill effects of allopathy. There is a father daughter drama that helps the cause of the main theme. The script ends up as a mediocre medical thriller towards the end. Nothing is convincing in the film because of its execution. The production design is very modest too.

Senthilnathan has invested a lot and comes across as honest. Archana Singh is ineffective. The rest are okay.

Pandiyan Kuppan’s cinematography is average Music by Mastan Khader is loud and jarring. Editing by Kumaresh is plain. Dialogues are functional and direction is simple.




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