The Room(2019) Movie Review

This movie is an absolute thriller. Wow! After a long time have I seen a really great thriller. This is one movie that doesn’t take much time in establishing the premise or the story of the movie. Right in the first 15 minutes everything starts proceeding with the right pace. This is NOT A HORROR MOVIE. There are not ghosts, or scary looking creatures. A very well written script till the end. I was worried if they would be able to give a good conclusion after such an amazing movie, but I was blown away by how smartly the climax has been thought of. There is no chance that you will not like this movie. This movie is probably underrated because of no publicity or maybe the current health situation, but this movie deserves a lot of praise.

The movie will also make you question some of the life choices that you make. How a lot of things that we just run after will eventually be of any use or not in life. This movie will surprise you at so many levels that you will completely engross yourself into wanting to know the solution to many situation in the movie.

I watched it on Prime Video. There it is available in Indian language dubbed verions as well. There are no nude scenes, but a couple of very mildly shot sex scenes. One of which is very pivotal for the movie. Ofcourse Olga Kurylenko looks hot! 😉

Review by DS Review


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