Hip Hop Aadhi co produces, writes, composes, acts, and directs this film. Satya Jyothi produces this film.

It’s what you would expect from Aadhi. The film has all ingredients that is specially targetted at his fanbase. Doltish comedy, hyperbolic friendship, spun-sugar romance and generous histrionics. It takes some time to understand the equations and the premise. The first half is a terrible mess and in the second half the film attempts to salvage with a hidden plot and some melodrama.Extemporaneous songs are annoying.

Hip Hop Aadhi doesn’t try hard. Madhuri has little to do. Kathir and Prankstar Rahul ham it up in their meaty roles.

Cinematography by Arjunraja is neat and music by Hip Aadhi-jeeva is typical Aadhi template. Editing by Deepak Dwarakanath is ordinary . Dialogues are average and direction is customary.




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