7G films and GM Corporation produce this film that is written and directed by Mohan G. DRAUPADI the director’s previous film created a lot of buzz.

The film begins promisingly but loses steam pretty soon. Though the film touches upon a lot of issues that afflict the society at large they are too many to deal with and comes out dubious. The script is pretty plain sailing and the screenplay keeps it focus on the plot without any divergence but then the execution is very timid.. Action blocks are very amateurish. The first half is pretty staid and the second half manages to gather some pace. A lot of controversial topics and viciousl assessment of them makes an impact. The movie ends very predictably.

Richard Rishi is earnest but is disappointing in action scenes. Gowtham Vasudev Menon is a miscast and a huge let down. Dharsha Gupta is weak in her small role. Thambi Ramaiah is good.

Farooq Basha’s cinematography is functional. Background score by Jubin is average. Devaraj’s editing lacks finesse. Dialogues are standard and direction utilatrian.

RUDHRA THANDAVAM despite its fiery title is rather very laidback in its approach





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