Squid Game (2021) Korean Web Series

Squid Game. Wow.


Best description? Uncomfortably genius!

(Kind of disturbing – small warning but still)

I mean there are some elements of The Game and Hunger Games, but this is bigger, more catastrophic in a different way, more clever, plays on psychological aspects, with a touch of closeness between some participants. Its intensely catchy and totally insane.

Its set in a today’s society with participants being people in economic trouble who owes a lot of money, mostly from gambling, and about their desperation. Great actors too!!

They even include a very dark business of todays world – but I wont reveal anything here.

Although its brutal – its more brutal in what’s actually going on, and what’s happening – than being graphically brutal.

And you will sit there and feel lots of things – scared and somewhat freaked out as well, and as I said: its Uncomfortably geniusly made in my opinion.

If you’re looking for something different that will get your HR rising, try this one! *Handclaps*

Review by missessence78


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