SK(Siva Karthikeyan) productions and KJR Productions produce this film that is written and directed by Nelson Dilipkumar. Nelson earlier directed the commercial hit KOLAMAVU KOKILA.

DOCTOR begins in a very monochrome fashion before it jumps track to try something different. The writing tries to get eccentric. It works most part of the first half with comedy smartly topped, but it is in the second half that the writer runs out of ideas. The film is decent when it tries to amuse, but when otherwise it falls mostly flat. Sagacity is a major casualty and hence the emotions look feigned. Predictability is another bore and the climax is piddly at its best.

Siva Karthikeyan is stiff as his starched shirt and this easily is his weakest role. Vinay Rai is average. Priyanka has very little to do and so does Milind Soman. Yogi Babu carries the film on his shoulders.

Cinematography by Vijay Karthik Kannan is fine Music by Anirudh is middling and a no show with songs. Edited by Nirmal is decent. Dialogues are average and direction is pedestrian.

DOCTOR is as baffling as Siva Karthikeyan’s look and character in the film.





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