Produced by 2D Entertainments UDANPIRAPPE is Jyothika’s 50th film. The film is written and directed by Era.Saravanan.

The story of UDANPIRAPPE is nothing new. A spinoff of various bro-sis sentiment films over the years in Kollywood, especially the popular Kizhakku Cheemayile, UDANPIRAPPE does not try to be dissimilar. It sticks to the basic blueprint without deviating much and is still largely appealing. While emotions, sentiments and relationship play a major part in the film, it is the casting that pulls the film down. The inevitability in the film is doubled with the stereotype characters that have played such roles umpteen number of times. Hence the emotions are taken for granted and come across less compelling.

Jyothika is a huge let down with her artificial and plastic performance. Sasikumar and Samuthrakanni do what they have done on a number of occasions without springing any surprise. Soori does well. Kalairasan has very little to do.

R.Velraj’s cinematography is good and so is D.Imman’s background score that uplifts the movie. The songs too are decent. Ruben’s editing is neat. Dialogues are fine and direction for a debutant notable.

UDANPIRAPPE is for the ones who find emotional elastic melodramas interesting..


B.U. Shreesha.


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