Produced by DD Raja and DD Sanjay this film is written and directed by Karthirvel.

A supposedly family drama, the story has an IT subplot that it begins with. As the film moves to the village the IT plot is conveniently forgotten and rears it’s head only towards the end. The lack of emotions in a family fest as this is a huge downer. Nothing works for the film save for a few one liners now and then that pops up. Action nor the drama is convincing, forget the plot.
Sasikumar is in a new avatar and unfortunately doesn’t fit. Nikki Galrani has a lot to do post interval and is decent. The film boasts of a bevy of actors and all do their parts as expected.
Cinematography is neat. Background score and songs by Sam CS are good. Dialogues are OK. Editing could have been tighter. Direction is average.

RAJAVAMSAM ends up a dull fare because of its ridiculous plot..





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