WRITER is an action drama film written and directed by debutant Franklin Jacob and produced by Neelam Productions in association with Golden Ratio Films, Little Red Car Films and Jetty Productions.

When Pa Ranjith’s name is associated with a film it’s an easy guess to predict and identify the division of characters in the film. WRITER is no different. The film is yet again a take on police reforms and like always it is one vs the other with the usual suspects associated with Ranjith’s films. Hence more than the issue on hand it becomes imperative to identify the characters and their denomination than the problem faced, as it is made to look like a particular denomination is the only affected lot, while the other end up the oppressors because of their sect. The screenplay is neat and it doesn’t digress in its single minded focus towards the issue.

Samuthirakani like always doesn’t surprise you. Hari Krishna is good. Dileepan and Ineya are okay. The support cast do well.

Cinematography by Pradeep Kaliraja is neat. Music by Govind Vasantha is good.Editing by Manigandam is okay. Dialogues are fine and direction for a debutant is tidy.

WRITER is Ranjith’s you vs me template adorned with personal symbols.





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