Carbon is a thriller written and directed by Sreenivasan. The feature film is produced by A Bhagyalakshmi, Jothi Murugan and Sreenivasan.

CARBON starts off curiously like a decent thriller would do. The screenplay is engaging almost through out the 115 minutes that the film runs except the songs that act like a speed breaker. Despite a decent script the execution lacks finesse and whenever the logical loopholes and inconsistencies appear it looks prominent because of the film’s very basic presentation.

Vidharth does well as you would expect. Dhanya stands out with a very good performance. Munnar Ramesh and Marimuthu do well.

Vivekananda Santhosham’s cinematography is neat. Sam CS music is okay despite some deja vu. Praveen K ‘s editing saves this film. Dialogues are average and direction good.

CARBON could have been much better than what it turned out to be





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