Akhanda Movie Review

Don’t watch this movie as a normal one/Normal Balayya movie. Don’t expect anything before clicking on play button. Be open.

This movie has everything you want.

If you want a hard core heroism. Its there.

New Story – its there Goose bumps moments – plenty of scenes.. Fights and BGM – its there – Mind blowing Twists – its there Dance – its there.

Message – its there.

This movie will be in the list of greatest movies in Indian cinema.

I saw a Vishwaroopam of Balayya.. what an acting sir.. I can say boyapati has taken the unimaginable output from Balayya.. I no longer see you as NTR’s successor. I’m seeing you as a New Nata Vishwaroopa.. Even sr NTR cannot bring this output. Its only you. One n only you Balayya sir.. Respect _/\_

Thaman. What a music man.. hats off

I’m Thrilled watching this movie at home. I wish I watched it on big screen.. ——–

If I see it in another angle, this movie was destined to happen. I did not see Balayya in the Akhanda’s character. Who is he? I’ll leave it to your imagination….

Everything came in place. Balayya, Boyapati, Thaman bgm, script and dialogues.

I believe this movie happened only due to God’s thought.

In recent times, we saw many incidents.. some idiots vandalizing temples, burning Rathas. People rejecting the Sanathana dharma..etc things against Hindu Dharma. This movie has answered many key questions that is asked by the society.

Why there are many temples and gods, importance of it. Why we should not exploit mother nature and humans. And the consequences.

I hope a lot of people are doing such harm and they got a warning msg via this movie. You know what I mean..

also this is just a glimpse of Shiva’s pralayam.. You might have seen the Karunyam of God.. this movie shows glimpse of God’s Anger..

If you could just know a drop of Sanathana Dharma.. you will understand why it still exists in this world, and not gone the way of many other civilizations.


for Telugu people:

Idi oka adbhutham.. routine movie laaga chudakandi.. idi daivam yokka thalapu.. idi jaragalani rasundi kabatte teeyadam veelayindi..

Sanathana Dharmam paatistene manaki manugada.. Prakruthi jolikosthe.. dhabbidi dibbide..

Balayya nata vishwaroopam chupincharu.. SR NTR varasudu ani cheppukoru ikanundi..

Balayya Gari vishwaroopam ane antaru.. ayanne reference ga cheptharu ika nundi..

idi charithra lo nilichipoye ghattam anchu.., cinema anochu.., performance anochu.., bgm anochu.. —————

BTW Im not a fan of any actor. I’m just a movie lover.

Sarve janah sukhino Bhavanthu!

Review by ravikfic

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