MAHAAN is produced by Seven Screen Studio and is written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj. The movie gets an OTT release on Amazon Prime. With Vikram and his son Dhruv Vikram coming together for the first time, the movie received a lot of buzz. Karthik Subbaraj has a lot at stake after the catastrophic JAGAME THANDHIRAM with Dhanush.

MAHAAN has an appealing hypothesis; conflicting principles, father son duel, family drama, friendship, revenge everything that a commercial cinema can offer. Few minutes into the film, the discrepancy in the narration looks portentous. The screenplay does lag at many places and the progress of the storyline is very predictable. The ideology conflict looks more ostentatious than genuine and is a total disconnect despite the constant references. What works for the film is casting. The cast despite a hollow script is above to partially persuade the viewer of the drama on stage. Save for some moments the film is ordinary and lengthy.

Vikram is one of the finest actors in TFI and it was a disappointment to see him produce nothing substantive of late. In MAHAAN you get to see glimpses of the old Vikram and it was heart warming. Dhruv is here to stay and manages to stand up to Vikram. Bobby Simha makes his mark in some scenes. Simran looks gauche in a less important role. The rest are decent.

Shreyas Krishna’s cinematography is good. Santhosh Narayan’s background score is dull and the songs are a huge miss. Vivek Harshan’s editing is OK, could have spent some more time with the scissors though. Dialogues are standard and direction is largely middling.

MAHAAN is a casual watch especially it being on OTT.




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