Produced by Dharma Productions and Viacomm Studios, GEHRAIYAAN is written by Shakun Batra, Ayesha Devitre, Sumit Roy, Yash Sahai and directed by Shakun Batra.

A regular plot based on infidelity, relationships and greed GEHRAIYAAN is an ordinary story told in a very sophisticated way. So stylish that the viewer would feel less invested in it. True it’s a story of the multiplex class, but the mess is so modish and suave that the emotions come out plain and as a matter of fact. The humour is like an ad-copy, before you can smile it disappears. Yes, there are a few takeaways for the “learned”, the ones who can construe, the ones with some past but then everything happens so quick that you “move on” with the film too. The characters are flat and lack intensity, relationships are hollow and the film doesn’t care to explain why. It’s all about recourse, not remorse and the climax dives into the ocean never to surface. From being a movie about relationships and emotional drama the film turns into a thriller that it never was.

Deepika Padukone is a thorough professional and it irks. She looks so much in control that you fail to see her identity lost. Ananya Pandey on the contrary looks her part and does well. Siddhant Chaturvedi is a complete misfit; especially in scenes involving DP he fails to step it up. Dhairya Karwa is honest but has little to do. The rest are OK especially Mr. Shah who reminds us of his subsistence.

Cinematographer Kaushal Shah has done decent work. Music by OAFF and Savera is good. Nilesh Bhatia’s editing salvages some parts of the film. Dialogues are OK and the direction is upright.

GEHRAIYAAN just about manages to stay afloat..





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