VEERAPANDIYAPURAM is a rural action drama produced by S.Aishwarya and written and directed by Suseendhran.

The film has a wafer thin plot revolving around revenge and the screenplay is a hotchpotch of various movies. VEERAPANDIYAPURAM suffers from very weak execution and pretty average production design. Characters are on repeat mode in a bland script. The sub-plot showcased in the flashback offers little respite. The songs bog the script further down.

Jai looks tired and weary. Aakansha is very ordinary. Meenakshi has very little to do. Bala Saravanan tries his best and is convincing. The “gangs” do OK.

Velraj’s cinematography is average. Jai’s does deliver decent in the music department. Kasi Vishwanathan’s editing is slack. Dialogues are standard and direction low key.

VEERAPANDIYAPURAM would not be too hard to skip..





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