Columbia Pictures produces this action adventure that is written by Amy Hennig and directed by Ruben Fleischer.

Based on a game, UNCHARTED does play out like a computer game on screen with inconsistent CG at work, that swings from being very ordinary to impressive. The script lacks soul and the screenplay lacks ingenuity while the humour is pretty lame. The thrills are far and few and surprises none at all. Actors perform action like superheroes without cape and the predictability having watched a thousand such films kills whatever enthusiasm that is barely available. What works is the pace and some ridiculous actions scenes helped by some creative action blocks. The film doesn’t take itself seriously and hence it’s the viewer’s choice too.
Holland is fun and likeable. Mark Wahlberg has less to do and looks lethargic in a dull role. Sophi Ali is impressive Tati Gabrielle is fiery. Antonio Banderas is underwhelming.
Chung Hoon Chung’s cinematography is good and overloaded with CG. Ramin Djawadi’s background score is enjoyable. Chris and Pearson’s editing keeps the story evenly paced. Dialogues are redundant while direction barely passable.

UNCHARTERED can be fun provided there is popcorn for 116 minutes.



B.U. Shreesha


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