VALIMAI is a cop action thriller produced by Boney Kapoor under Bay View Projects.

VALIMAI begins rather docilely despite a conventional but potential premise. Like most commerical films in TFI, VALIMAI suffers from a weak script due to exiguous research and lazy writing. The film decides to put its faith in the abilities of its technicians than it’s script. It offers nothing new and remains predictable throughout. The family drama looks forced while humour is absent. Logic and reasoning are primary casualties and hence the screenplay looks dubious. The first half works to some extent while the second half takes a nosedive as expected. The much hyped hide and seek doesn’t make any impression. The film stays sluggish all through.

Ajith looks stiff most of the time. Hema Qureshi is decent. Karthikeya as the antagonist is average. The rest are okay.

Nirav Shah as the cinematographer salvages this otherwise uninteresting narrative. The cinematography is topnotch. Yuvan songs are forgettable while Ghibran’s background score is loud as expected in such films. Vijay Velukutty’s editing is inconsistent. Dialogues are okay while direction by Vinoth is below par.

VALIMAI ends up as a decrepit action thriller that fails to excite save for a few action scenes.




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