HEY SINAMIKA is a romantic comedy film written by Madhan Karky and directed by Brinda in her directorial debut. The film is oroduced by Jio Studios and Global One Studios.

HEY SINAMIKA doesn’t waste time in setting up the premise. The first half is delightfully refreshing and is a breeze despite skepticim about this close to flawless character. The second half is all set for some engaging drama and this is where the film fritters away a wonderful opportunity to be daringly different and ends up being boringly safe. Notwithstanding it’s predictability and the rather silly reason in creating the complexity, the film sustains well on its casting strength and light humour. The second half has some ominous blips including the totally irrelevant Yogi babu episode and the convenient “activism” transformation of the main character that robs the screenplay of some interesting challenges. The writer’s concentration to direct this at the couples of today will help.

Dulquer Salman is endearing and effortlessly charming. Aditi Rao is inconsistent inspite of being earnest. Kajal Agarwal looks average in her weakly written role.

Preetha Jayaraman’ s cinematography is pleasing. Govind Vasantha’s background score and music is fitting. Radha Sridhar’s editing could have been crisper. Dialogues are good and direction for a debutant is promising.

HEY SINAMIKA is not without its flaws and a drab ending but is enjoyable as long as the fun lasts.



Shreesha B.U


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