VISITHIRAN is a faithful remake of the critically acclaimed Malayalam film “Joseph” that was directed by Padmakumar. VISITHIRAN is produced by B Studios and Shark Pictures and is directed by Padmakumar.

A thriller, the film makes the right moves to get viewers hooked. But like in the original the story and the narrative has a lot of explanation to do. The women in the movie hardly communicate. With the film revolving on the central character in every frame there is less scope for the other characters or even the parallel narration. What worked in the original is some flawless performances and nuanced staging. This doesn’t work here in the remake. The performances are by and large very average and the environment looks contrived than natural.

RK Suresh’s performance is OK but can be found wanting in important scenes. Poorna has very little to do and does it. The support cast that was a huge bonus in the original, but here are underwhelming.

Vetrivel Mahendran’s cinematography is average. GV Prakash’s background score is a tad loud and depressing. Songs are obstacles and don’t prod the slow narration. Dialogues are not as expected. Direction is average.

VISITHIRAN is a bungled remake that just doesn’t work.





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