VIKRAM is produced by Raj Kamal Films International. The film is written and directed by Lokesh Kanakraj who is one of the most talented film makers in Tamil Film Industry.

VIKRAM has a very ordinary storyline and tries it’s best to surmount the emaciated hypothesis with some high octane action scenes and decent thrills that works in parts. The attempted humour is a huge letdown and the banal writing with copious “inspirations and adaptations” takes time to settle. Lokesh Kanakraj has set the story in his cosmos and that works. The first half though a tad slow is much better than the second half. The second half despite a lot of “nods and odes” fails to excite. LK’s relativity to his earlier films is interesting but again is deadpan. The emotional plot with a baby does not connect. Surya’s cameo drags the film that is already long at 2.54 minutes and setting up for another chapter. Is it getting tiring?

Kamal Hassan despite his age has delivered in parts. Kudos to him to for not hogging the limelight and letting the director carve his dream. Faahad Faasil is as brilliant as he always is. Vijay Sethupathi’s character could have been better written. The support cast doesn’t perform.

Girish Gandharan’s camera work is very good. Anirudh does it once again. How many times has he been the savior of commercial films in TFI. Philomin Raj’s editing tries its best to keep it crisp. Dialogues are surprisingly very average. Direction is decent.

VIKRAM despite its brilliant star cast and brains is still unmemorable.





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