Special Delivery(2022) Korean Movie

It’s been a while since I saw Transporter, but I think the comparisons are there and can be made. Of course this is a slick piece of … action and it is also quite funny. The Jesus and Moses quote is something that will get a laugh out of you. At least – and there are other bangers too. Also the stunts are off the hook. No pun intended.

Having a female driver also gives this a special touch – and boy is she good. The boy is also really good. The kid actor that is. But don’t be fooled, just because there is a boy and a cat in this, it doesn’t mean the movie pulls its punches. No sir – quite the opposite we get some really brutal scenes. Even with characters we probably sympathize with … that’s why this will keep you guessing until the end. And probably way after that – especially because of that scene … how do you break free from that, right? Whatever that means and you will only know once you’ve seen the movie.

Korean cinema shows us once again, that is able to rival Hollywood … in more than one sense.

Review by kosmasp

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