LYCA productions produces this comedy film film that is written and directed by Anucharan Murugaiyan. Anucharan gave an interesting Kirumi as his debut film and followed up by being associated with “Suzhal” that was raved by everyone.
There is a piglet in the film that wanders aimlessly in the village and is pivotal to the happenings in the film, the screenplay of the film too is somewhat like the piglet but bereft of interest. The film with a rural background looks jaded and despite the presence of a decent array of comedians pulls out jokes that hardly amuses the viewer. The plainness and the minimalist approach of the script and the production values is a huge downer.
Yogi Babu tries his best to keep it interesting. Karunakaran is good too. Bijli Ramesh, TSR and Singam Puli are OK. Leoni is a caricature and doesn’t impress. The rest of the cast are just there.

Sathish Murugan’s cinematography is functional. Krishna Kumar’s music is standard. Anucharan’s editing is lazy. Dialogues are OK and direction unimpressive.

PANNI KUTTY is a film that you would want to stay away from.





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