YAANAI is an action drama film written and directed by Hari and produced by Vedikkaranpatti S. Sakthivel of Drumsticks Productions.

Writer director Hari is known for his brand of films famous for a racy screenplay and over the top action scenes. With YAANAI he again stays faithful to his template but adds a lot of “must haves” that Tamil cinema finds it mandatory these days. Hari scores with his melodrama that might not be palatable for many but there is an audience for that despite the repeated churn over the decades. The conflict isn’t properly established and the film’s formulaic presentation is a downer.

Arun Vijay is not just fire and fury he does well in emotional scenes too. Priya Bhavani Shankar is decent. Samuthrakanni doesn’t fit in the scheme of things. Yogi Babu is fine especially when he is required to emote. The rest don’t get much screen time

Cinematography by Gopinath is effective. Music by GV Prakash quickens the pace on screen. Anthony’s editing matches Hari’s vision. The single shot action scenes deserve special mention. Dialogues are strong and Hari scores safe with his routine.

YAANAI is the routine run of the mill entertainer that Arun Vijay carries convincingly on his shoulder to entertain .





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