D Block is an action thriller film directed by debutant Vijay Kumar Rajendran and produced by cinematographer Aravinnd Singh under the banner MNM Films and presented by Sakthi Film Factory.

Arulnithi had this uncanny knack of picking scripts that suit him and mostly they are mystery/horror thrillers. He has had a decent strike rate with them. But with this film he seems to have made a wrong choice. Supposedly based on true events this film has a hollow script. The first half is a yawn until we get to the crux of the issue and in the second half all hell breaks loose and ends rather tamely. The narrative lacks any seriousness and is full of logical loopholes.

Arulnithi’s performance is lacklustre. Avantika Sharma is average and the rest don’t impress.

Aravind Singh’s cinematography is plain. Background score by Kaushik Karthik is okayish. Editor Ganesh Siva keeps it ordinary. Dialogues are below average and direction underwhelming.

D BLOCK is a rather tedious watch..





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