DEJAVU is an investigative thriller produced by Vijay Pandi and written and directed by Arvindh Srinivasan, who before this film used to be a movie critic.
DEJAVU has an intriguing beginning and manages to tick all the boxes at the beginning. It is an interesting script and offers scope for some twists and turns. They don’t make you jump off the seat but they are not dull either. The pace of the film is even and as the film progresses, especially in the second half the film starts getting predictable. The flash back by then becomes obvious and the cliché climax doesn’t make it exciting.
DEJAVU could have been a lot better than it actually is, had the casting been good. Arulnithi doesn’t fit well. Madhubala disappoints. Kali Venkat is his usual self. It is Achyuth who does a brilliant job in the role of a writer.
PG Muthaiah’s cinematography is good. Background score by Ghibran is average. Dialogues are good. Editing by Arul E Siddharth is okay. Direction for a debutant is good.

DEJAVU has a surprising start but ends with a dejavu.





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