SIVI 2 is a horror film produced by Lalitha Kasthuri Kannan and written and directed by Senthilnathan. This is a sequel to his earlier film SIVI. The film is an adaptation of the Korean horror film Gonjiam Haunted Asylum.

At the outset what works for the film is that it isn’t the kind of horror films that Kollywood churns out time and again. Thankfully the film sticks to the horror theme and rarely digresses; the taut screenplay is a plus. There are no cheap scares or gimmicks and that helps. The film succeeds in delivering the thrill element. Yes the film is not without flaws, there are portions where the film slacks. The climax delivers too.

Tej Charanraj is good. Thadi Balaji is average,Chaams doesn’t deliver well. The rest are OK.
Sanjay’s cinematography is neat and Faizal’s background score is good. Dialogues are fine and direction is decent.

SIVI 2 is a decently made horror film despite not being an original.





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