DIARY is a horror thriller written and directed by Innasi Pandiyan and produced by S Kathiresan under the name of Five Star Creations.

Arulnithi’s fascination for suspense thrillers continues and of late his interest in the letter D is intriguing. DIARY follows the typical template of a thriller and has multiple layers. What doesn’t work is too many characters without definition and a lot of twists that tires the viewer. It has a very absorbing premise but has a lot of subplots that keep oscillating, thereby making it difficult for the audience to engage with the happenings. It’s a decent attempt but a few instances look forced and drag. Most parts of the film are predictable. The climax manages to redeem some prestige. The horror part doesn’t work.

Arulnithi is okay. Pavithra has very little to do. Shah Ra helps the viewer relax.

Aravind Singh’s cinematography is good. Ron Ethan Yohan’s background score is loud and songs don’t work. Dialogues are good. Editing by Raja Sethupathi is okay. Direction is decent.

DIARY is a passable entertainer that has a good beginning and ending, if you can ignore the in-between.




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