NAKSHATHIRAM NAGARGIRADHU is a romantic musical film written and directed by Pa. Ranjith. The film is produced by Yaazhi Films and Neelam Productions.

It’s easily Ranjith’s “smartest” film in his career. The premise, the treatment, the screenplay, the juxtaposition of characters, the role plays all work in tandem to give a fresh feel and still manages to bear the Ranjith’s emblem. But then again what about Ranjith’s symbolisms, his ideologies, his convictions, his judgemental opinions that are so binary. They come out too in voluminous propositions despite them being subtle and not loud and aggressive as it usually is. The first half was a virtual breeze setting the tone for the predictable storm towards the end. It’s a game Ranjith plays well. What did not work was, in the name of love the characters were reduced to bring just denominators. The relationships dealt with the identities more than the relationship goals. Hence at no point can the characters be sympathized especially when you have random relationships under every fraternity discussing more about their clique than anything else. So in the end what you have is a close to three hours conversational screenplay that thrives on being preachy painting everything black and white to satisfy the writer’s personal beliefs and intemperance.

Kalidas Jayaraman is neat Kalairasan is okay Dushara Sindhuja is the pick of the lot. The rest are good.

Cinematography by Kishor kumar is wonderful. Music by Temna blends with the screenplay Editing by Selva is good but has Ranjith’s hand in it. Dialogues are neat and direction is good

NATCHATHIRAM NAGARGIRADHU is not everyone’s plate of “meat”..





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