I Came By(2022) movie review

I have seen countless trailers for this, and if I’m honest, I was expecting something of a horror thriller, maybe something a little trashy, possibly a bit gory, the reality was something very different, a very meaningful, deep, character driven thriller.

I really did enjoy this, the relatively low score makes no sense to me, it’s slick, well made, and quite an engrossing thriller. There are a few thrills and spills, perhaps not many as I’d hoped for, but there were enough to keep me entertained.

The acting was excellent all round, but two performances in particular really did stand out, unsurprisingly I’d highlight Kelly Macdonald and Hugh Bonneville, the pair were terrific.

Very nicely produced, it looked very nice, great use of lighting, and music that wasn’t obtrusive at any point.

The ending was maybe a little too ambiguous, but it felt in keeping with the tone of the film. I’d have liked a few more jumps and scares.

Overall, I did enjoy that, 7/10.

Review by sleeping dragon


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