DADA is a romantic comedy drama film written and directed by Ganesh K. Babu and is produced by Olympia movies.

With a very linear line and a simple trajectory DADA begins smoothly and as the name suggests it is about the relationship between a father and his son. A lot of emotions in the right dosage and some comedy to not make it a heavy film ensure the film progresses without hiccups. The scenes do connect while in the second half the predictability seeps in and the climax is done neatly. DADA is a feel good film that has all the necessary elements to make it a very comfortable watch.

Kavin scores yet again with a very good performance that is nuanced. Aparna Das is OK for the most part but is found wanting in a few. PRadeep Antony and VTV Ganesh keep the viewers happy
Ezhiarasu’ s cinematography is wonderful. Jen Martin’s background score is good. The dialogues are fine and direction commendable.
DADA is an enjoyable fare..





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