BAKASURAN is an action-drama film written and directed by Mohan G. The director Mohan G has also produced this film under the banner of G M Films Corporation.

Mohan is known for his style of treating social dramas and in this film as well he sticks to his comfort zone. It’s not a plot that has not been touched before but Mohan keeps it minimalistic and quite linear. There are no surprises through out the film though the logic blips are obvious. What works and doesn’t work for the film is it’s predictability. There are no preachy messages running parallel with the script and that’s encouraging. The straight line that the film takes without compromises is another plus. The contrived screenplay is a downer.

Selvaraghavan is a surprise casting and works due to his honest performance. Natty is rudimentary. The cast has a bevy of actors who got important roles and do okay.

Farooq Basha’s cinematography is decent. Sam CS cranks up the background score while the songs are average. Devaraj ‘s editing is basic. Dialogues are okay while direction is standard.

BAKASURAN is a plain film with a stoic message





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