AGILAN also known as Agilan: King of the Indian Ocean is neo-noir action thriller film directed by N Kalyanakrishnan produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment. This film was scheduled earlier for a September 2022 release.

AGILAN doesn’t play around as the film straightaway gets to business and surprisingly throughout the film it stays true to its script sticking to the storyline without any digressions. The sea-port staging makes the movie very believable. The surprise, unfortunately doesn’t remain wrapped for long and when revealed the predictability creeps in. Again, the noble cause towards the end sounds very utopian to trust. The screenplay is very ordinary and that is a huge letdown considering the backdrop the movie is set in. Solid production design elevates the narration.

Jeyam Ravi is the most rugged you can get to see him and he does perform well. Priya Bhavani Shankar has little to do. Harish Uthgaman and Chirag Jani are decent.
Technically the film is very good. Vivek Anand’s cinematography is impressive. Sam CS’s background score is good. Ganesh Kumar’s editing is OK. Dialogues are fine and direction is neat.

AGILAN is a passable film..





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