THUGS is written by Shubu Thameens and directed by Brindha. This film is produced by Riya Shibu and Mumthas. THUGS is a remake of a Malayalam film.

THUGS makes an impressive start and makes the right noises as the story progresses. The straight forward screenplay is on expected lines. Though there is some suspense that is left hanging in the script there is little happening in the first half and that is a dampener. It is in the second half there is some interest and action that happens. The honest treatment is a plus but there is little excitement or thrill in the narrative. The contrived climax is a bore. The action scenes are a big plus.

Hridhu Haroon is good for a first timer. Anaswara Rajan is decent but has little scope to perform. Munishkanth is stale alongwith Bobby Simha.

Priyesh Gurusamy’s cinematography is neat. Sam CS’ background score is OK alongwith the songs. Praveen Antony’s editing is average. Dialogues are fine and direction is good considering it is Brindha’s second film and a totally different genre.

THUGS is a very average film !!




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