RIPUPBURY is a horror comedy that is produced by AK the Talesman and written and directed by Arun Karthik, who also happens to be the producer of the film.

At regular intervals TFI dishes out these horror comedies that has a following among the audience here. AK tries to deliver something that isn’t the routine fare but fails in its attempt to knit together neatly. The production design is a big letdown. A lazy start doesn’t help the film dragging its way towards the interval with scenes that are largely remindful of generic romance and comedy. The second half with its predictable flashbacks and so called twists does not offer any consolation from the dreary narration. The climax is unimpressive.
Master Mahendran tries too hard and it shows. Arati and Kavya are OK. Noble James, Srrini and Maari are decent.

Rathinam’s cinematography is standard. Diwacara Thiyagarajan’s background score and songs are okayish. Dialogues are barely fun. Muganvel’s editing is lazy. Direction is inadequate.

RIPUPBURY is barely watchable !!



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