SOPPANA SUNDARI is comedy thriller that is written and directed by “Lock-up” fame Charles and is produced by Hue Box.
SS a supposedly dark comedy has a decent plot and couples it up with some message too. Though not preachy, the film stumbles in its effort to be more comical than it actual is. The film tests your patience right from the beginning, though there are sporadic instances of laughter. With very few characters playing to the central theme the same faces with the same kind of emotions makes for a tiring watch. The title is borrowed from the very famous Goundamani +Senthil comedy but has no relevance whatsoever in the film except for the car that takes centre stage in the film.
Ishwarya Rajesh doesn’t surprise in a role that is so usual for her. Lakshmi Priya and Deepa Shankar are good. Sunil Kumar Reddy is decent. Mime Gopi and Redin Kingsley do not impress.

Bala Murugan and Vignesh Rajagopalan are the cinematographers and they are OK. Music by Ajmal is good. Sarath Kumar’s editing is average. Dialogues are weak and direction ordinary.

SOPPANA SUNDARI is a vain attempt at humour !!



B.U. Shreesha


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