THIRUVIN KURAL is a psychological action thriller film written and directed by Harish Prabhu and produced by Subaskaran under the banner of Lyca Productions.

The storyline is set interestingly on the platform of one ordinary man against a network of evil. With a delectable proposition that has moments of thrill and tense moments, the screenplay keeps slipping regularly bringing in many periods of discomfort. There are many logical loopholes coupled with unanswered questions. What looked believable at the beginning slowly and surely feels unconvincing and a tardy climax tops the mess. On the whole there is a tense undercurrent that loses steam as the film progresses.

Arulnithi suits these unpretentious characters. Bharatiraja unfortunately is old and slow to respond. Athmika is average. The antagonists are creepy and good.

Sinta’s cinematography is effective. Sam CS background score is good and the songs okay. Dialogues are fine and direction is standard.

THIRUVIN KURAL falls short of being a Naan Mahan Alla..





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