Hunger 2023 Thai movie

Very engaging film for any food lover. The main character played by Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying did a terrific job as an actress. You can really feel the emotions during the intense scenes. Sadly she was the only character with any depth. It felt like her world and everyone was just living in it. The supporting roles were kind of interesting but only surface level.

Many of the plot turns were pretty cheesy. The scenes of violence and the reasons behind them were random, weird and had no build up. The head chef was cool, and stoic, which is to be expected from many successful chefs, however, he had outbursts that didn’t make that much sense.

There was a few ominous scenes of rich people living out their gluttony with depictions of them eating flesh-like food. It was a clear dynamic between rich people betrayed as greedy while low-status people betrayed as simply, caring, loving, yet frustrated. It was very interesting to see this depiction, especially during the flashback scene of the Head Chef’s upbringing. The comment about the caviar had me burst out laughing.

The cinematography was enjoyable and the dishes looked great. Its probably was kept me engaged the most.

Overall, this film was good. I would recommend it for sure. Many aspects were rushed, and had little development, but remained exciting and had scenes that moved me. The ending will leave most with lots of questions and unfulfilled, but you will give reflections.

Review by loves cinematography


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