Kill Boksoon(2023) Korean movie

Yet again, Koreans are trying to emulate a winning formula and making its own version, which I am not complaining about but it feels like a trend….

Exactly the same concept as John Wicks saga but a female version this time ( and she has children and not dogs haha)

Regardless of the familiar theme and similarities the movie is great.

Fight choreography and effects are top notch, it has a fast pace and good balance of the bizarre combination of the female lead family plot versus her second life as a paid assassin.

It has some very dark humor I didn’t expect and I loved the acting, I only watched her before in Crash Course in Romance and I think she is just great.

I would dare to say this will be the perfect prequel for a second movie featuring the daughter following her mum steps in the future… might be wishful thinking but this movie felt like Just the beginning.

Review by Hanaliss


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