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Jacobinte Swargarajyam (2016)

Nivin Pauly – He is a smart actor and his choice of script is always best. Even though it’s a script based movie, he does this role to the perfection.
Renji Panicker – Inspiring
Lakshmi Ramakrishnan – Bold and caring
Others – Neat
Story – Based on the true event, when a business man and his family get betrayed by the fraudster in the Dubai and how they overcome.
Cinematography – Perfect
Screenplay – On Track
Direction – Satisfying
Jacobinte Swargarajyam (2016) – Family Entertainer and feel good movie! The strength of the movie is the script and well supported casting. The cinematography gives us a visual treat and excellent background score. It’s a inspiring movie about facing the challenge in our life. Vineeth Srinivasan and his team is having one more victory under their belt.

Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016)

Fahadh Faasil – One man show!
Aparna Balamurali – Bold and the Beautiful
Alencier Ley Lopez – He always matches with whichever role he chose and rocks in it
Soubin Shahir – Entertaining and Honest
Others – Justifying
Story – A photographer gets into fight and loses. He takes revenge on him which results in changing of his life
Cinematography – Delightful
Screenplay – Silky
Direction – Neat
Maheshinte Prathikaaram (2016) – Real time experience! Movie starts slowly and gradually picks the pace. Locations, songs and background music are awesome. The movie has all the ingredients from comedy, love, anger etc which are expressed in natural way. The credit goes to the whole team for bringing out the neat package. Must watch for all!

Thondimuthalum Dhriksakshiyum (2017)

Fahadh Faasil – One more best performance under his belt. Whichever role he chose, he is always at his best. His choice of script and executing makes him all time best.
Suraaj Venjarammoodu – Simple and Stunning Performance
Nimisha Sajayan – Neat
Alencier Ley Lopez – Lively
Others – Perfect
Story – A petty thief robs the chain from a newly married couple and rest is the journey in the screen.
Cinematography – Impressive
Screenplay – Remarkable
Direction – Commanding
Thondimuthalum Dhriksakshiyum (2017) – Master Piece! It’s a simple story taken in the back drop of beautiful Kerala! Top class performance from the entire cast. Each character is shaped well and performed in a way where they stay in our mind even after the movie ends. Dialogues are simple and natural. Detailing of the issues happening in the police station was shared clearly. Emotions and expressions are beautifully captured between Prasad and Nimisha. After action hero biju, the police stations scenes are realistic and perfectly portrayed. Watch “Thondimuthalum Dhriksakshiyum” and be part of the journey.

SOLO (2017)

​Now I know I’m kind of late here. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews on the film Solo but decided not to make any comments until I’ve watched it myself.

So finally, today I did and I have to admit, this movie made me go through an emotional ride.
The film, in its totality, captures the four elements – water, air, fire and earth. The four forms of Siva, the Ultimate God, is also weaved into the story so perfectly that you stay dazed throughout the movie. It speaks of the multitudes of human emotions, of love and loss, perhaps indicating of Siva’s struggle of losing Sati, his one true love.
Shekar – He’s warm yet cold, smooth yet quirky, calm yet a storm. Element of water is flawlessly portrayed in this part as we get to see so many beautiful visuals surrounded in water. The story starts off on a low pace but creates a deep impact in the end and leaves you teary eyed.

Trilok – The reverse sequence is applied here and doesn’t fail to do its duty as you sit back and smirk at how Trilok achieves what he always wanted, yet feels the sense of loss that he’s going through. He is a hurricane himself as the playful breeziness leaves him. You’d call this a thriller, but I’d call it human emotions.
Siva – My God. He’s fire literally fire as he sets the screen ablaze with his mere presence. His face, stance n walk tells it all. This is quite a slap for other Mollywood movies that uses too much of dialogues and unwanted explanations. The music here is compelling and the only sound that you need. Here,there’s heat, there’s warmth and there’s the unending burn that’s left behind by loss. Siva is thus,my favourite out of all.
Rudra – The earthy and vibrant colours make you feel so much at ease as you enter the world of Rudra. The energy is almost contagious. This is where you’ll get warm fuzzy feels in your stomach and smile like and idiot. And then, bam! They cut off the ending!

Yes! It’s such a stupid, abrupt ending and it left me so frustrated. It seems like there are many newly developed Censor Boards in Kerala(like we haven’t had enough of one already). This is pure injustice towards the artists, directors and the whole crew. It doesn’t matter if the ending was good or bad, it’s upto the viewers to like it or not. But editing it off and making changes irrespective of the director’s wishes is murder. Murder of good art.

Bejoy Nambiar, thank you so much for this film. You can see his efforts as the big screen offers you beautiful shots in all the four parts.This is original and I don’t see how some feel like it’s similar to other movies. Yes, there maybe similarities, but there are more differences than similarities.

Dulquer Salmaan, once again, you’ve proved your versatility as an actor. Four characters, all of them so touching and so real that you feel connected to each of them. Some stellar performances can be found by other actors as well. Camera and music deserves special mention I suppose.

I do not understand how someone can hate it, but I guess, choices are different. If you’re into mass dialogues, peaceful romances, feel good movies, then this may not be for you. But if you’d want to see something original, then go ahead with Solo as this is indeed “Solo”, in the world of Malayalam cinema.

Contributor: Sruthi 


Puthiya Niyamam (2016)

Mammootty – Casual and Natural performance from him showing his mass towards climax.
Nayanthara – experienced and matured
Roshan Mathew – Performance oriented
Others – Good
Story – A story about a lawyer and his wife who is a kathakali dancer
Cinematography – Simple
Screenplay – Placid
Direction – Genuine
Puthiya Niyamam (2016) – It’s a simple, practical and well made thriller movie.  This movie also shows about the drugs and it’s impact on human. The result of  in taking drugs result in spoiling the society in many ways and one way was shown in the movie clearly. This movie shows the revenge of a woman who was raped and how she gives justice to the people who spoiled her life. Excellent performance from Mammooty and Nayantara. This movietravels at smooth pace and satisfying climax! Worth your time!

Take Off (2017)

Parvathy – She is a natural performer with inborn talents. She is at her best in this movie with her expression and emotions. Oscar to you!
Fahadh Faasil – Honest and Matured
Kunchacko Boban – He lived as a character and justified to his best
Others – Dedicated
Story – In 2014, a group of Malayali working in the Iraq was captured by the terrorist. This movie shows their struggles and their rescued operation in a thrilling way. Based on true event.
Cinematography – Excellent
Screenplay – Interesting
Direction – Stupendous
Take Off (2017) – Neat. Plenty of effort has been put on each and every scenes. It also shows about the people from India joining ISIS and struggling there to come back to home country again. This movie covers all aspect from money, poverty, life of nurses, abroad job, separation, pain etc. The choice of casting and location were amazing.  Excellent job by director and the whole team. In one word, It’s a classic movie in the Indian cinema. It’s a must watch movie.

CIA: Comrade in America (2017)

Dulquer Salmaan – He is one of the smart actor of current generation who always chose the best script to enhance his skills. He rocks again!
Siddique – Honest
Karthika Muraleedharan – Bold
Others – Dedicated
Story – This movie is based on real events. A comrade from Kerela goes to U.S. to meet his NRI girlfriend and it’s the journey of love and his struggle.
Cinematography – Good
Screenplay – Smooth
Direction – Poetic
CIA: Comrade in America (2017) – The movie starts with showing communism against corrupted politician followed by journey of love from India to U.S. The cinematography and detailing(Going to U.S. through illegal way from Mexico) is very good. Must watch movie!