Tag (2018)

JEREMY RENNER: Makes strong screen presence felt by his stellar, smarmy performance as Jerry, a fitness buff who was never tagged by his friends during the last 30 years. The slipperiness of his character combined with his articulated performance makes him unstoppable.

ISHA FISHER: Deserves special mention for pumping some spirited feminine energy to the predominantly male cast, and she quite casually fits in the company of boys.

ED HELMS: Played dentist Hoagie as a perfect husband with a glint of mischief in the eyes.

JON HAMM: As CEO of a popular insurance company, Bob Callahan is lively.

STORY: TAG is primarily adapted from a true story that came out in an article in Wall Street Journal in 2013 narrating incidences about an association of very old friends who have been playing tag without interruption since their school days.



DIRECTION: Jeff Tomsic delivered genuinely excellent, nifty entertaining comedy movie with a crafty touch.

TAG (2018): TAG is a wholesome comedy film with a punch of entertaining action sequences boosted by the cracking cast and the chemistry between them works delicately above all. The friendship between the group of old friends is defined by the entertaining game which facilitates them in keeping constant contact.


Review by Shreya Ghosh


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