Mehandi Circus (2019)

Raju Murugan of Joker fame writes this film that is produced by K.Gnanevel Raja and is directed by Raju Saravanan.

Set two decades back, MC begins with a certain charm that it manages to maintain throughout the film. The IR songs, the art work all try and bring in nostalgia for viewers of that period while for the younger ones it is a breath of fresh air. Story wise there is nothing that is new in this film and even the screenplay largely works on predictable lines. But then the romance in a romantic film itself is weak and that is a huge let down. There are a few nice moments and some forced too especially the obligatory political ideology of the writer.

Rangaraj as the hero is OK as the young guy but he scores well as the middle aged man. Shweta Tripathi is brilliant in her role. A naturally gifted actress she breezes through her role with minimum effort and she dwarfs everyone else with her performance. Sunny Charles too delivers a commendable and dignified performance. RJ Vignesh continues to falter like before and is vain in his attempt to deliver. Velu Ramamoorthy is a misfit in his role while the rest are OK.

Selvakumar’s cinematography is a major asset for the film. The locales and the indoors are wonderfully captured. Sean Ronald has done his bit with his background score and songs(a tad contemporary) though it is IR’s songs that out do the original. Philomen Raj’s editing could have been taut. Dialogues are decent and direction is good.

MEHANDI CIRCUS is with its flaws just like a circus but has a heart that beats..





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