Devarattam (2019)

Devarattam is directed by Muthaiya and is produced by K.E. Gnanavel Raja under Studio Green.

The story of Devarattam is set in Madurai and the template is as old as the temple hills. The movie showcases melodramatic family sentiments, senseless caste pride, crude violence, silly comedy and limp romance with loud and listless music. With an overdose of violence, there is blood and gore on screen that can be quite embarrassing. The screenplay is uninteresting and boring while the fault of the script is not in its predictability but in its pathetic insipid content.

Gowtham Karthik with his puerile hairdo does not come out convincing despite an honest attempt. Manjima in an inconsequential role looks elder when together with the hero. Vinodhini is good in her suitable character and Soori can be conveniently ignored. FEFSI Vijayan plays the role of the “butcher” with little difficulty.

Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography is what makes the movie barely watchable. Nivas’s background score is loud and blaring and the songs totally out of place. Editing is average while dialogues are of typical standard. Direction is poor.

DEVARATTAM is one long bore of a gore story





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