K-13 (2019)

Produced by Shankar and Shanta Priya K 13 (uniquely titled) is written and directed by debutant Barath Neelakantan.

Though the film starts of intriguingly it takes a considerable amount of time to establish itself. The depth of the characters is shaky and hence they don’t come out convincing. The few digressions do not help either. At the same time it’s a bold attempt at trying something out unique. The suspense is maintained throughout and the climax though not entirely plausible still is a surprise.

Arulnidhi is improving with every film. Shraddha Sainath despite her talent is wasted. Yogi Babu is unwanted while the rest are average.

Aravind Singh’s cinematography is fine given the circumstances. Sam music adds edge to the proceedings. Even the songs are apt. Editing by Ruben despite the short length could have been tighter. Dialogues are decent while direction for a first-timer is good.

K 13 could have been finer than the outcome, but then despite its shortcomings it turns out to be an average watch.

K 13 – okay !!


B.U. Shreesha.


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