Kee (2019)

Michael Rayappan produces this film that was in the making for long. Kalees writes and directs this film.

We have one more “cyber thriller” that fails miserably with a very uninteresting plot and an even more disappointing screenplay. The lewd jokes, the silly logic, the weird romance, the mindless melodrama all add up to the viewer’s frustration. In the name of comedy RJ Balaji cracks jokes that are mostly a hangover of LKG and totally irrelevant to the plot. A few controversial scenes are irritable as well.

Jiiva tries his best to fit in but comes out vain. Nikki Galrani prances around as usual while you wonder what made fine actors like Suhasini Maniratnam and Rajendra Prasad to take up meaningless roles. Anaika Soti is average. It is Govind Padmasoorya who impresses as with the villain as he plays his underwritten role with conviction.

Abinandhan’s cinematography is functional, Vishal Chandrashekar’s background score is largely inconsistent and the songs just about average. The dialogues are bland and direction mediocre.

Kee fails to kick off and ends up as a despairing watch





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