Anna (2019)

Film’s basically Salt / Red Sparrow mixed together in various ways which could in a way sound interesting except the film decides to show you too much, which has it dragging on with too many flashback sequences that last too long and ultimately make the film feel boring.

This is a particular problem because it spends so much time establishing the characters past over…and over, that it ends up taking away from the actual present. Rushing through what could’ve been interesting action minus 1 scene.

The best actors in the film feel underused and ultimately we’re just stuck with this… bland “protagonist” if you can call her that.

Very emotionless, pale and meh. And I get that its intended, I just find it incredible boring to look at.

If you’re into these kinds of films, more power to you .I personally find it insulting that people are comparing this so blatantly to Nikita who was infinitely more interesting. I see the Salt plot, I see the Red Sparrow training. I see the total lack of emotion and dreary feel from both.

But thats all I see. And it lowers what would’ve been a 6 out of 10 film to 5 in my book. Because I genuinely couldn’t even be bothered to finish it, due to how bored I was. I felt like I was wasting time.

The most criminal part of the film is how it starts. It throws everything at you. Right in your face and then… flashback. After flashback. And overly long sequences of telling you everything that lead up to this moment except its boring.

  • Final thoughts

I like Luc Besson as a director but christ is this one of his weaker works.

5 out of 10. Go watch Salt instead. Angelina actually has charm and comes across as convincing in her portrayal as a soviet agent. She has heart, Anna here feels like a rushed version of multiple characters without much soul.

Review by Angiris


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