Nerkonda Paarvai (2019)

Bayview Projects produce this film that is a remake of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful film PINK that had Amitabh Bachan in the lead role. H Vinoth is the director of this remake.

Court room dramas are rare these days and NKP for the most of the film sticks to being faithful to PINK and this is what works well. This genre and the treatment might be new to the audience of Kollywood in particular and it surely would take a little while to get immersed. With a star as big as Ajith in the mix the writing does make a few compromises that the viewer might find necessary or unwarranted. Even the flashback portion can produce a few murmurs. Spare for some sparse novel moments the rest is in sync with the original.

Ajith does not surprise you, yes he does not deliver a knock out performance but still manages to hold on and convey expected expressions. Vidya Balan is a seasoned performer and you can’t expect any less. Shraddha Sainath does her part very well with the able support of Andera(from the original) and Abhirami. Rangaraj Pandey overdoes his part.

Nirav Shah’s cinematography is sharp in lieu with the film. Yuvan keeps the score minimalistic and is a huge help. Dialogues are good and direction by Vinoth spot on.

NKP is not the usual dish off the Kollywood menu and kudos to Ajith to have taken up this project. NKP is a must watch for its message and most of its delivery.

Don’t say “NO” to this.





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