Sixer (2019)

Chachi has written and directed this movie that is produced by Trident arts.

The story of SIXER is as flimsy as you can get and the screenplay makes a mess of the already weak story line with the most silliest of scenes. Everything about the film is contrived and ridiculous to say the least. There are many scenes in the movie that shall test the patience of the viewer and push them towards boredom. The jokes are without common sense and logic badly takes a beating. Some scenes and jokes are cringe worthy.

Vaibhav attempts to do justice to the role while Pallak barely manages to scrape through. Satish is his usual self while Radha Ravi is ageing fast. Others are just Okay.

Mithaiah’s cinematography is decent. Ghibran tries his best to enliven the score without much success. Editing by Jomin is jumpy. Dialogues are boring and direction unimpressive.

SIXER is a film where logic is hit out off the park while the movie gets hit wicket..




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