Magamuni (2019)

Studio Green produces this film that is written and directed by Santhakumar. This is Santhakumar’s second outing after the impressive “Mounaguru”.

MAGAMUNI takes off quite impressively with a very distinct writing that is quite different from the regular template Kollywood uses. Despite the script being on a very serious tone throughout, the story lacks substance. The movie too takes its own languorous pace to elaborate details that do not affect the storyline in a big way. The intensity of the characters performances controverts with the seriousness of the script and it’s more or less unpersuasive. Even the social issues that the movie broaches come out as a damp squib with its shallow dialogues. The biggest plus of the film is it’s resoluteness in not espousing commercial elements and sticking to its purported belief.

Arya’s performance is a much improved one and reminds us of his “Naan Kadavul” days and yet the similarity in the two characters he portrays is a downside. The women in the film are hyper active while the men are mostly somber. Indhuja and Mahima Nambiar blow hot and cold much to our amusement. The rest deliver decent performance in their frail roles.

Arun Bathmanabhan’s cinematography helps in creating a subdued mood for the film. Thaman tries to keep the pace and pulse up with some interesting sounds. Editing by Sabu Joseph could have been tighter. Dialgoues surprisingly for a movie like this is ordinary. Direction by Santhakumar is practical.

MAGAMUNI had all the trappings to make it an interesting outing but comes out rather plain and dull with a lot of unrequited, categorical answers.





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