Produced by Ambeth Kumar for Olympia Movies, GYPSY is written and directed by “JOKER” fame Raju Murugan. The movie made all the “LEFT” noises as expected and has had huge support from the supposed activists prior to its release.

Tamil Cinema has of late dabbled in some kind of politics in most of its movies and some film makers have made their prejudice very clear in their films without being objective. Raju Murugan too belongs to that creed of movie directors who espouse their version of social justice in their slanted way, i.e careful not to ruffle the wings on the left but rip the ones on the right. So here again you have a film that has a lot of communal taunt and loads of communist rant masquerading in an abysmal love story that is as unpersuasive as an adolescent’s letter of absence to his school. The drama is distastefully developed and the idealistic screenplay has a synthetic feel throughout. The plot is appropriate for a film that should have been made a good 100 years ago and looks vague for today despite the overdose of present day communal colour. Filmy characters and redundant emotions make for a tiring watch.

Jeeva has for long been one of the most talented actors in Kollywood, but of late his performances are very ordinary and here he is again just about average. Natasha Singh looks as perplexed as her character in the film. The rest are there to just connect each other without making any impression.

Technically the film is fine. Selvakumar’s cinematography works well with ample support from Sontosh Narayanan who has given the film a lot than it actually deserves. The songs might not be hummable but are distinct. Raymond’s editing is just about OK. Dialogues are on expected lines and direction by RM is very ordinary.

GYPSY rambles and strays pointlessly in its endeavour to convey its message in veil but ends up as humdrum as the horse’s tail.





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