Written and directed by Anbu WALTER is produced by 11:11 Productions. Walter Vetrivel was a huge film for Satyaraj and his son Sibi expects this film to do the same for him.

The plot of WALTER is as regressive as it can get and the monotonous and boring screenplay offers nothing exciting. The characters are weakly etched and they appear and disappear without significance. The romance is clumsy and the action scenes lack the punch and end up tame. The casting is very ineffectual and the script is just a sham.

Sibiraj is stiff throughout and unimpressive in his new wig. Shirin Kanchawala does not score. Natty is his typical self. Bhava Chelladurai is a misfit. Charlie tries his best. The rest are ordinary.

Rasamathi’s cinematography is decent. Dharma Prakash’s debut musical score is average. Elayaraja’s has little to do in editing. Dialogues are poor while direction by Anbu is bland.

WALTER is dreary and impuissant..




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