Soorarai Pottru (2020)


Surya’s 2D Entertainment produces this film that is written and directed by Sudha Kongra.

We are witness to one more “loose” bipoc on screen that is adulterated with a lot of cinematic liberties, “liberal” opinions and “flavoured” masala. The film is more of an emotional rollercoaster ride helped by some terrific performances helping the intensity throughout the film. At the same time the main thread of the film hangs around loosely with the psychological drama hogging the limelight all the way. Frequent songs mar the narration. The weak execution of the main plot pulls down the movie substantially and ends up being churlish in portraying a defining moment in the Indian Aviation history

Surya gives it all. After a couple of lackadaisical performances he shows why he still remains the go to man for such characters in Tamil cinema. Though the one dimensional characterization would not have been a huge challenge for him, having played many such shades. Aparna delivers a strong performance riding on a well written character. Urvashi does what she does the best. A fantastic actor like Paresh Rawal is badly utilized in a poorly written important role. The rest do well.

Niketh Bomireddy’s cinematography works despite the fussy special effects. GV Prakash’s background score is safe. The songs are decent. Dialogues are OK. Editor Sathish Surya keeps it simple. Direction is good.

SOORARAI POTRU ends up stuttering on the runway never taking off..





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